Supporting through Kiva

POSTED 03/02/2012 - By Huw

At Angel we are always interested in innovative ways to make a difference, and thatís why we love Kiva. Kivaís platform enables users to loan amounts as small as $25 directly to those who need it most. Their website allows users to choose see and track the progress of the exact individual thatís benefiting from your loan.

We are currently supporting John below:

Kiva John

John is 30 years old from Ndunyu Njeru in Kenya and is a single man.

John has a motorcycle transport business that he runs and has applied for a loan from KADET LTD, to enable him be able to cater for the service charges of his bike.

He is optimistic that the motorbike will function well and enable him to carry his customers with ease. He hopes to expand his business and buy mini- buses.