RSPB - Stepping Up For Nature

POSTED 15/10/2012 - By Huw

RSPB stepping up logo

Our fundraisers here at Angel all enjoyed the fantastic response coming from the latest instalment of the RSPB’s ‘Stepping Up For Nature’ campaign. 

“Nature is in trouble – so millions of people are stepping up to help. Our wildlife has been disappearing at an alarming rate. But small steps make a big difference. If we all act together and get stuck in, we can save our wildlife.”

One of these small steps includes helping the birds in your own garden, and so as part of the campaign, on-going DRTV adverts are urging viewers to call for a free booklet on how to do this.

So far the response has been great, and with this short RSPB video below, it’s not hard to see why…

From The RSPB on Vimeo.

For more information on how you can step up and help nature visit: